Thursday, November 29, 2012




Introducing  THE OLDE CURIOSITY SHOPPE book I have made from scratch with alot of help from Annespapercreations. I can't thank-you enough Anne for all the wonderful videos you provided on You Tube.

The papers used here are from Graphic 45 called Olde Curiosity Shoppe. Don't ask me how many sheets of 12x12 paper or Black card stock I have used. This is by far my biggest project yet and my favourite to date.
There is ALOT of Fussy Cutting, Secret Pockets, Tags, Secret Journaling Spots, Large Photo Mats, Flip out and Flip up Pages  throughout.

You will find some wierd and wonderful items here for sale. I'm going to show you through the book page by page, this could take a while.
So sit back and relax.............................................................................. I hope you enjoy browsing through my book as much as I have making it.

Front Cover/Spine has a Tim Holtz Lantern, glass bottle, the front door opens to reveal the lady shop keeper whom you will see through out the book. Obviously the shop number is 45.

Book Closure, I have used Graphic 45 Metal Labels which have been bent and a large metal brad, Tim Holtz Chain link and Basic Grey magnets.

This page is basically  a replica of Annespapercreations front page...I loved it so much I had to have my own.
The clocks have been fussy cut just enough to place some tags behind.

A wind up lady in a cage. These doors open up to reveal more.

The doors have opened to reveal......a medicine cabinet, also why not have your eyes checked whilst your here.

Secret Journaling spot.

This is a small photo mat book.

This is the other side of the page, with more photo mat tags.

A very clever lady on you tube did a tutorial on how to make this, and I have miss placed her name. If you know who it is please let me know so I can give her credit.

Here it is with the tags and photo mats out.

Next Page. All the pages have large photo mats that pull out. This page is special it folds right out.

How cool is this!

A Butterfly Photo mat. This paper is not from the Olde Curiosity Shoppe range.

Next Page

Hidden tag in Frame, and another large photo mat. This page opens to reveal....

these two pages.

 Ladies legs in jars, the wind up lady appears again, the Butterfly Frame comes off to reveal another frame behind.

SAVE $$$$$$$ Ladies Dresses for Sale. Two of the dresses come off to reveal hidden journaling spots. The lady piering through the window is one of my favourite pieces in the book.

Ok... another large Photo Mat  and a small booklet.

The next page

Inside pages

Next Page

Next Page

This page blew me away and I just had to have my own. Anne created it. It flips both sides and opens upwards... The eye is magnatised.

Flip the page to he left to reveal this........... a double pocket, a removable tag and photo mat.

Flip the page to the right to reveal two photo mats.

 Flip the page up to reveal this, there is a magnet behind for the chain...eye inspection any-one??

 Removable Tags

Butterfly Mania 

This is one of my favourite Photo Mats

I wanted it to look as though the butterflies had messages to deliver.

Next Page with another of my favourite photo mats.

Lady Framed

The clocks are attached to a hidden tag. The large luggage tag is a journaling book.

Last Page. Remove the booklet to reveal a hidden frame. Remove the Dragonfly to reveal a journaling spot.

Open up the booklet  

Back of booklet also opens to reveal two more photo mats.

                            THE END!

Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed browsing through my book.

If you would like to make your own book (which is a lot of fun and it will stretch your knowledge and skills of how things are put together) please do........head over to Annespapercreations where you will find video upon video (17 I think) on how to create your own book.
 You adjust it to suit you and your tastes and omit anything that you don't require....believe me this project was a blast!

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to post them. I'd love to hear what you think.

Thank-you so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate it.