Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Star Decoration

Hello and Welcome,

I have a real treat for you today. I attended a class on how to make a beautiful Christmas Star Decoration.

Imagine your dining table is set, your christmas star decorations are hanging on the back of the dining room chairs, you can smell the chicken and lamb aroma from chefs  kitchen, snow is building up on the window sills, the open fire is roaring, and the dog is asleep in the corner chair. 3000 fairy lights adorn the 10 foot Christmas tree and it looks amazing,the maids are adding the final touches to the decorations on the stair case, your family and friends will be arriving soon where you will all exchange gifts, eat and be merry............

WAKE UP KAREN...........ahahaahaah if only.
We live in Austalia it could be 40 degrees......ahhhh yuk! My bucket list includes just one christmas day with snow falling.  Anyway back to the ornament.

You can  hang them on the back of chairs, place them on your christmas tree, hang them in the windows, place them on a large wrapped gift. They would also look great with glitter on the edges.

You will need:

2 12 x12 sheets of cardstock
A piece of cardboard for your template
Ink of your choice
Ink blending tool
Ribbon for bow
Small piece of material or ribbon
Glue or a strong double sided tape
Pop dots
Circle punch 2" (5cm)

Step 1. Make a template from card board measuring 6.5cmx11cm.

Step 2. Place your template on your first sheet of paper and trace around 8 times. Cut these shapes out. Ink the edges and with a pencil curl up the pointy ends slightly so as the tip is point up.  Using the punch cut out one circle.
Place the circle on your work bench and lay out the 8 pieces on top with pointy edges facing outwards, until they look reasonably even all the way around. Then glue each one down.

Step 3. Grab your second piece of paper and trace another 8 shapes. Cut them out. Ink the edges. Punch out one circle. Fold one side of the short edge over then the other so as they are slightly overlaping. Fasten them with a really good glue or wonder tape, and tape them to the first layer. Press them down to flatten slightly.
Grab your circle and place a pop dot on the back side in the middle and place the circle in the middle. Then place a small oblong piece of ribbon or material. Then place your bow in the top. I used my Bow Maker. All done and ready to enjoy.

This is your template it measures 6.5 x 11. You can make your own starting with a triangle then cutting in on the two longer sides.

Susan from Paper Flourish ran the class on these ornaments. 
Thank-you Susan for sharing your beautiful creations.
I can see myself making plenty more of these.

Thanks for popping by.
Have a great day!!


Sandie Edwards said...

this is fabulous, thanks so much for sharing!

Karen G said...

I'm glad you like the Christmas Star. Thank-you for popping by my blog and following me Sandie, I'm absolutely thrilled.
Have a wonderful day.