Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Card Ideas

Hello bloggers,

If you haven't made your christmas cards yet you may want to stick around because there are ONLY 6 sleeps to go............if you are planning to still make your own cards and haven't a clue where to start here are some ideas for you.   If you want to make it REALLY REALLY easy on yourself choose one design and stick to it. By now I'd be guessing your pretty short on time with only 6 sleeps left  try not  to make too many different  designs. 

This is really crazy there are roughly 14 different designs here....having said that I did sell quite a few cards last year.This year I was good and only made one design with slight variations.

I hope you have already finished your cards but if not have a look at mine, hopefully theres something you can take away and use yourself.

Snowman Shaker Card

These were pretty time consuming. The one with the 3 circles is my favourite.

Any questions drop me a line. Happy Card Making.

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