Monday, January 28, 2013


Do you have far too many Rub-ons? If your anything like me then you've probably purchased more than one could ever possibly get through. They are so much fun, they are great for layering a particular piece, you can even stamp underneath them, and of course when you see one on a piece of art especially for me if its vintage in any way shape or form I just have to have it so I can create my own.

Here I have transformed some baby food jars that I am now using in my craft studio. All of the jars I have placed rub-ons on, except one of which you will notice has clocks going round the belly.... this is actually a stamped image on some acetate.

Some of the rub-ons can be quite stuburn....I cut out the desired rub-on then placed a small amount of tape on to assist holding it in place then started to use a bone folder to rub them onto the glass. This can take will need a little patience..... Ok maybe more than a little.

The Lids: I spray painted them with glossy black paint from the discount shop, placed a hole in the middle then added the knobs. Its that simple. The knobs I have used are produced by Tim Holtz Ideaology.

Tip: When spray painting I never spray paint on paper as it always sticks....I like to use a large sheet of thick plastic in the garage (somewhere well ventilated and where theres no wind) .

When finished fill them with your crafty embellishments. I'm a big believer in that if you can see it then you will probably use it.
I've really enjoyed decorating these jars....if you decide to give it a go I'd love to hear about it...drop me a line so I can visit your link.

A little something for the Laundry too.

Thanks for dropping by.  I understand  time is very precious especially when you get some to yourself.....I hope you've enjoyed todays post...enjoy the rest of your day.


Margyz Paper Games said...

Hey Karen, Love these jars. Very clever idea. ox Marg

Karen G said...

Thanks Marg. I must pop over to visit your blog again see what you've been up to.