Sunday, August 4, 2013



I was on Pinterest and just had to share something with you.  If you believe in  fairies take a look at the link if not thanks for stopping by and I will have something else for you next time. O'h and when you loose another tooth don't expect the fairies to visit you. LOL.  Click here to visit

Here are some pictures from

How creative is this? I love love love these.
It says Please Do Not Touch. These books are out of circulation. Besides there may be some-one living in them and it would be rude to disturb them.

I am going to have to make something similar for my daughter. This would be amazing on her book shelf. I already have the fairy door which I purchased from Sydney so its just a matter of making the homes. There are alot of clever fairies out there. And NO I haven't been drinking.

Have a great day!

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