Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I was over paying a visit to Maureen at Victorian Studio and came a cross a swap.  I haven't been part of one before so I immediately became very interested of course.  So in order to participate, I agreed to post the rules here on my blog to see if anyone else would like to join us.

update:  I would also  like to introduce you to a new addition in my craft studio....Bob Winston.   He is a very stern looking fellow who checks every artistic piece twice , so you can be sure what ever I make will be checked twice before it leaves the studio. Its good to have Quality Control under wraps.

So what can I make for you?

What I will do: Make a small work of art for the first five people who comment on this post and say " YES, I want in!"

What you will do: Swap a piece of art with me, post the rules on your blog or any other social media AND make something for the first five who comment on YOUR in return will get 5 pieces of original art.

If you do, here are the official rules to cut and paste for your own blog:

– It has to be your work, made by you, and the recipient must receive it before 2014 ends.

- Doesn't matter where you live in the world.

- Copy & paste this as your latest entry on your favorite social website (your blog is fine).

– It can be anything art-based: a drawing/illustration, a photograph, digital, jewelry, a knitted item, cross-stitch, paper maché – or anything in-between.

- It doesn't matter if you aren't an artist...the sky's the limit...

Sound good???  If so be one of the first five to leave me a comment on this post and let's enjoy the fun!

Can't wait to swap with you.


Maureen said...

Awesome Karen! I can't wait to trade artwork with you - I am going to treasure whatever you make; to have something from an artist on the other side of the world is incredible! Thank you for joining in!

Tincan Crafter said...

I am little late with saying thank you for the kind message you left on my blog. I am on holiday so getting on the net has been limited to a few minutes here and there when there is a connection. It meant a lot to me to read your sweet comments - thank you.

Karen Garrard said...

Thanks so much Maureen. Can't wait to trade with you. I have something in mind already. Karen.x