Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get some texture & Thank-you!

Hello and welcome.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank every-one of you who have taken the time to leave me a comment.  They mean so much and bring me enormous encouragement.  I am on a mission to THANK-YOU too by visiting your creative place, and for those of you who have not left a link for me to visit I Thank-You here!  You all have ENORMOUS talent!!!  THANKYOU also for sharing all you wonderful creations and step by steps....I love step by steps.
I would also like to extent a very warm welcome to my new VIP FOLLOWERS! I hope you will continue to enjoy visiting my blog here.

Now onto my newest creation. I apologize  in advance for so many photos. I want you to see every inch of the folio.

A Vintage Journey is holding a challenge : Get Some Texture...pop on over and check out all the amazing talent......

My Tim Influence: Well I just love anything grunge and vintage and Tim seems to be the go to guy for influence here. I have used quite a few of Tim's products and some techniques too. The Tim Techniques I have used are: Effect Powders, Industrial Technique and Faux Cracked Glass. I have also inked, swiped paints, used texture paste, grunged,  embossed onto Tim's Mirrored Sheets, stenciled with glue just to name a few. Having a deadline for these challenges is making me get some unfinished projects finished. That's got to be a good thing. Right?

I also need to add mention to Astrid Maclean. This lady truly is the Queen of Texture. I got a lot of tips and ideas from her blog. So if you need some extra inspiration pop on over......  I have been visiting Astrid's blog a lot of the paste few days, I hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her. Well...I'm stalking her projects. lol.

My piece today is a tribute to the Titanic!   I have acquired most of my information  and images for this piece through Google. I will be adding more as they come to hand. I hope you find this piece interesting and tasteful. I have great respect for those who made the maiden voyage all those years ago. I want them all to remembered for many more years to come. Hopefully my children will get some sort of enjoyment learning of the history through this piece too.

Sponsors for this challenge are: Country View Crafts who is offering a 10 pound is they're link.....

Here it is!!! The front cover of my folio.

Lets get started.......

Adding Gesso

Not happy with it at this stage.

A swipe through some more paint should do the trick. That's better.

This is the outside. Here I have added some glue and ink.

Using some more glue and ink but this time through a stencil.

Can you see the splat?

Front cover.

The ship was stamped onto tissue paper then glued down over some of the stars.

Here I have die cut and embossed some of Tim's mirror.

Need to add more texture....right? Love texture.

I ended up going over these stars in white paste.

Now to the inside.

Inside....Stamping onto tissue paper and embossing some of it.

Some of Tim's Cabinet card holders...waiting for the texture paste to dry.

This water stamp is from Designs by Ryn. Here is the link....!/~/category/id=2559654&offset=9&sort=normal
What a coincidence they are under the category of texture.

If you've made it this far you are doing well. I promise, there is an end to the post.
Now......are you ready to have a peek inside??

Still plenty of room for more paperwork.

The whistle was made on the original tooling by the original suppliers in 1912. These were made to commemorate 100 years.

The gentleman was stamped onto tissue paper then glued to a piece of grunge board.

Faux cracked glass. A tag sample from the grunge board packaging.

 If you have any questions please drop me a line. Its quite possible I've left a few things out as I got carried away creating.Thanks so much for stopping by today!timholtz


Pops Origami said...

wow this is Awsome and not such detail but the istory what a wonderful works this is. thank you for sharing. Stan

Ruth said...

Stupendous Karen! Absolute feast for the eyes and will be popping back a few times to relook and take it all in, I can't decide what I love most the texture, colours or all the additions, absolutely love it!....and the story that it's telling is just wonderful.

Buttons said...

So I'm sat here with jaw well and truly dropped (family think I've finally lost it!) marvelling at each of the textured details you've crammed into this incredible commemoration project Karen! I'm so glad you put a step by step into this to show everyone how much effort has gone into altering and texturising the cover as it looks so aged and interesting at first that you wonder "how did she do that?" And then to take it to an even higher level with your incredible additions of ephemera and altered trinkets inside. This is incredible and I'm thrilled to bits you were inspired by our challenge and my superb team mates (yep, I'm a huge fan of Astrid too) over at A Vintage Journey. Standing to applaud here Karen. Jenny x

butterfly said...

Absolutely stunning work, Karen - I love that you've given your wallet a theme, and what a theme! The haunting images and papers and ephemera, work beautifully to tell a story, gathered together inside that stunning folder. Brilliant step-by-step taking us through the process, too, thank you. This is a wonderful project. Thanks so much for joining us on A Vintage Journey.
Alison xx

Redanne said...

I think Alison used a good word - 'haunting'. There is a quality to this creation that is so hard to describe.... it is a wonderfully textured piece, I love each element, especially the ship stamped onto tissue, the wonderful photos and the documents are superb. This is a first class project Karen!

This will sound a little morbid but when we visit my brother in Halifax, Nova Scotia we always visit the Titanic graves, it is very moving. This folio is a wonderful tribute to all those who died so tragically. Thanks so much for sharing this at A Vintage Journey. Anne x

Kaszazz Consultant SA said...

Beautiful work as always Karen. I have been looking forward to this vintage Journey for a while.Your work is always a journey on it's own and I love the way you show us the different levels that you have done. It's exciting to scroll down to see each photo to see whats next. Thank you for your inspiration.

S@ndy Diller said...

Karen, This just beyond words. You certainly have the folio down pat!! I love the subject matter and you have done such a wonderful job with all the detail and texture. Totally LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing it with us at A Vintage Journey.

Almo said...

This is a stunning project Karen, I have really enjoyed reading this post. Your folio is a wonderful tribute to all those poor souls who lost their lives in this tragic disaster. The attention to detail with the luggage tags, the charms and the letters is all quite amazing. I can see Astrids inspiration in this piece, she is an incredibly talented lady. I love this piece. Mo x

Nikki Acton said...

I think my fellow DT colleagues have said it all - stunning - I couldnt believe you did so much - quite amazing. Wonderful textures and wonderful theme. Half way down your post I realised I was humming 'oh they built the ship titanic, to sail the ocean blue...'! Many thanks for sharing this with us at A Vintage Journey. Nikki x

Ryn Tanaka said...

Hey Karen, that is a fantastic project AND a great visual tutorial how how your out it together! I loved looking through the photos and seeing your process. Thanks so much for sharing with me :) I will include this project in my next customer creation blog post and will add you to June's customer creation draw for a free stamp. Wishing you a great week!

Karen Garrard said...

Thanks so much for all your kind comments. I do appreciate them a lot. Karen.x

Astrid Maclean said...

Karen just popped by to say BIG congrats on being the winner with this absolutely amazing project, so very well deserved, it is truly incredible and such a great story!!

I have been having big problems with blogger which is why I have been unable to comment on it first time round, fingers crossed it will let this one go through....

Ruth said...

Congratulations Karen!! Such a worthy winner, fabulous. Ruth x

Julia Aston said...

Congrats on being the texture winner - what a marvelous project - with so many wonderful techniques used - this is lovely to look at!

Jools Robertson said...

Congratulations! such an incredalble art work
Love the fab textures and colours, and the incredalble detail

Jools x

Almo said...

Just popped on to say a huge Congratulations Karen for your win with this delightful folio. I loved this as soon as I saw it and obviously so did many others. Mo x

Jan Hill said...

Hi this is amazing I love how you have used all the ephemera. You have a great imagination. Congratulations on winning x

Paula Cheney said...

truly an amazing piece Karen. Glad you took the step out photos so we could see the transformation. Just stunning.

Sara Barker said...

I'm speechless! Everyone has said just what I would say about this fabulous piece of artwork you've created, so I can't say more. Thank you for sharing it with us, and congratulations on your well deserved win!

Candy C said...

Karen...huge congratulations on being selected to receive this special recognition from A Vintage Journey. This folio is absolutely brilliant! Your step by step is really really amazing! So much "artistic vision" in this! I love how you transformed each page and flip out in this piece. So much thought went into it and your work was brilliantly executed! This is truly a work of art! Your art always amazes me! <3 Candy

Paper Profusion said...

Congratulations Karen on your win at AVJ - this is an incredible, fabulous piece and so deserved of its win. Nicola x

Margaret Mifsud said...

Karen, this is THE most AMAZING post!! Huge congratulations on your win and so well deserved!! Sorry too that I am coming in so late with this but life has been so hectic and I have had a lot of trouble with Blogger and missed a lot of updates which is always a pain. Anyway, I absolutely love what you have done here. So much work and you must have done a huge amount of research. Kudos to you. This is just awesome!!! ox

Mary Elizabeth said...

Hi Karen. I know you are really interested in the history of the Titanic. What an incredible way to collect memorabilia and display it.

Great job with the texture and your colors are amazing. The charms are so perfect here. Really great use of the cabinet cards. Just perfect for capturing the memories of those impacted by this tragedy.

Amazing job Karen. Hugs -- Mary Elizabeth