Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hello and welcome,

I hope you are all well and squeezing in more craft projects than I seem to be these days. I have been trying my hand at Calligraphy again, and am having a lot of fun. I apologize to my wonderful followers for being absent of late, hopefully that will change very soon.

We are moving house at the beginning of 2016, going back to Sydney this time as my partner works for Defence. I'm hoping to pop back into the Calligraphy Group in Sydney of which I was once a member when we are settled in.  So you see I have been just a little busy with organizing somewhere to live and new schools, Kindergartens etc. As most crafters out there would understand we have to have a minimum of four bedrooms as I still need my Winton Rose Studio. So we've found a lovely two story house with four bedrooms and a study. Perfect!!


I have also signed up for the online class Wanderlust starting on 1st January which goes for 50 weeks I believe. I'm hoping it will get me motivated and excited to try new techniques. Over 25 teachers will be on this journey including the magnificent Finnabair, Andy Skinner, France Papillon and our very own Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door here in Australia. There are many more talented artists, some I haven't heard of but have checked out they're blogs etc and I'm looking forward to learning some new things from them too. I am very excited, so now you probably know which boxes will be unpacked first, of course my art supplies.
HERE is the link if you would like to check it out.


I did promise you some photos of my front window for Halloween. Only wish I could put more out, would love a Victorian Grave Yard out the front only thing is we've had things stolen in the past. I've noticed in the US a lot of people do decorate out the front, I wonder if anything goes missing? Would love to hear of any tips.
I will be spending this evening at my very first Paranormal Lock In at the one of the local Old Hotels here in Adelaide...... what better way to spend HALLOWEEN???? have a great night! Wish me luck!

Some shots from my Halloween project Graveyard from last year

.........................have a SPOOKY Halloween.........................

Thanks for dropping by.


Lisa said...

What fun pictures!! I hope you had a wonderful time at the Paranormal Lock In!! When I was younger, we would put our carved pumpkins on the porch and the neighborhood bullies would always smash them during the night. So we had to move them inside. Happy Halloween!!

A Mermaid's Crafts

Karen Garrard said...

Thank you kindly for your lovely comment Lisa. I had a wonderful time on the lock in, one lady in particular on the tour was picking up orbs all night. It was amazing. Such a shame your pumpkins used to be destroyed, no appreciation of all the work that goes into such a piece. We had another wonderful Halloween this year, hope yours was amazing. Karen.x

Sara Barker said...

Hi Karen, Your Halloween sounds like it was wonderful! Hmm..a lock in..not sure I have the GUTS for that! It's great to see your display! I did a front yard display, as I have for the past several years. We used to keep it in the back yard and just invite certain trustworthy neighborly people in. But, I've not had a problem with theft or distruction. One thing I try to do is not invest a lot. Most of my displays are hand made with yardsale materials or stuff I find curbside. I do have some purchased headstones, but I've gotten my money's worth out of them, so if they get legs, c'est la vie! After we closed up shop on Halloween, I was looking out the window, and I did see some of my strobe lights dancing across the yard. I ran out, and told the hooligans to unhand my lights! All ended well, and now comes the daunting task of putting it all took us 2 weeks of spare time to set it all up.

Best of luck with your move! It all sounds very positive!

Karen Garrard said...

Thanks so much for leaving a message Sara. We spent 4 hours in an old house that was built in the 1850's! We were free to roam through the fully furnished two storey house including the cellar, one lady caught quite a few orbs on her phone, there wasn't anything really frightening thank goodness. That's a great idea about putting a Halloween Display out the back, think I will consider that next Halloween. Two weeks to set up, that must be one awesome display. Glad you got your lights back too. Thanks so much and Congratulations on a wonderful October win over at Tim's. Karen.x

butterfly said...

Happy to hear you'll be on the Wanderlust journey too... and I love all your spooky images - a thoroughly haunting post.
Alison x