Tuesday, March 21, 2017

52 Cafe Card Challenge

Hello and welcome,

Today I am sharing another cafe card D-Dragonfly. I have to say this was a Dragon Fly DISASTER, I painted the dragonfly not once but twice and it was terrible, really horrible! So.......... no worries, I painted over it, added some background texture and the awful dragonfly was well and truly gone, phew!! I went for a printed version instead. Check it out below, if you want to join in head on over to
Maremi Creative Cafe. 

Its been a very busy few weeks and I am determined to see this challenge to week 52 so as I push my way through, I hope you can join me.  Soldier on my friends, soldier on ;)

I will be back with E - my Eclipse....I gotta warn you...... this one certainly isn't my best work, I do apologize in advance........stay tuned.lol

Have  a wonderful day!!

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